We are a partner you can rely on, and we will not compete with you. Our bookkeeping services for CPAs are tailored and made specifically with tax firms and CPAs in mind. We offer accounting data entry, reports, payroll, state filings, and local filings to CPAs and tax firms so you can better serve your clients.

Working with us is a great choice because:

We are Well-Trained and Reliable

Ledger Pros works hard with our partners to provide accurate and timely reports. We are trained and certified in several accounting products including desktop and online QuickBooks, and we have certified public bookkeeper who reviews our reports before your client receives them. We are based in the Puget Sound area, so we will be accountable to you for the end work project.

Savings You Can Profit or Pass On

Less employees, less taxes, less office space and less expenses. Keeping less overhead expenses and staff around means you can save money. You can either add this to your bottom line or give your clients another reason to love you by passing the savings on to them.

You Can Save Time or Add More Clients

Using us for your bookkeeping services will save you time that can be spent on your CPA or tax services. This allows you to shift your focus to higher value work and to focus on your core mission. Either way, we want to be a partner that saves you time and increases your productivity.

Whether you need full-service bookkeeping, someone to handle overflow work, or a subcontractor, we are happy to help. We are a partner for CPAs, accounting firms, or tax firms.

See how your business can grow with Ledger Pros on your team. Contact us at: contactus@ledger-pro.com

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